Keto - Pros, Cons and Potential Pitfalls

What is Ketosis?

Ketosis is a normal metabolic process whereby the body burns stored fats for energy if it does not have enough glucose to use for energy. The burning of stored fats results in a build-up of acids called ketones within the body. It’s very easy to measure the level of ketones in your system through a simple urine test.

The Ketogenic Diet

Many people will encourage their bodies into ketosis by following the ketogenic diet. The ketogenic diet is a low-carb diet where the body burns fat for fuel (instead of carbs) and turns your body into a fat burning machine. It has gained huge popularity in recent years and for good reason… it works! Numerous studies have shown a ketogenic diet is effective for not only burning fat but it also enhances mental performance due to the fact that fat is being used for fuel instead of glucose. The ketogenic diet can have a healthful effect on health conditions such as metabolic syndrome, heart disease and diabetes. It can also improve levels of HDL cholesterol (the good kind). The ketogenic diet has also been used under medical supervision to control seizures in children with epilepsy who have no responded to other forms of treatment.

Pros of the Ket Diet
  • Better than low-fat diets for weight loss
  • You can eat lots of yummy high fat foods like bacon!
  • Can have a number of physical and neurological health benefits
  • Can be difficult to give up carbs
  • Keto Flu during adjustment period
  • Eating out can sometimes be tricky

More and more people are making the switch to keto and enjoying fat loss, elevated performance, stable energy levels and on overall sense of well-being. However, like anything, unless you do it right, you may do more harm than good. You can end up with “keto flu” or hit the “keto wall” where your weight loss can plateau or even worse, go into reverse and cause you to actually gain weight! It’s critical to maintain a stable Omega 6:3 balance.

Why is maintaining the Omega 6:3 balance important?

Having too many Omega 6s and not enough Omega 3s is a major problem because it will drive up the chronic inflammation in your body. Chronic inflammation is an underlying factor with many degenerative diseases. It can also make it difficult to lose weight and can even cause weight gain. The good news is, if you make the right choices and follow the ketogenic diet correctly, it can have amazing results.

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